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Open since 2018, Ontario Drapery Hardware (ODH) partnered with Canadian Drapery Hardware to serve and exceed all expectations for all clients in the Ontario market. 2021 Business growth has resulted in our purchasing a new combined warehouse in North York. This new site allows clients to see products and easily pick up in one central location. 



TRUSTED experience and products that do not disappoint

COMMITTED to meeting our clients ever growing needs

PERSONAL relationships built to strengthen partnerships



Meet the team 

Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller

Title: Office Administrator
Phone: (519) 805-4262
Sarah enjoys being able to serve our customers and assist them in their work. She supports the staff and our customers with her knowledge of products, and prioritizes a smooth customer experience from start to finish. You will be more likely to speak with her over the phone, as she works primarily from home.
Please note, this information is private and will be sent directly without being stored in our database.

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