Venus Finials & Accessories

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Venus Crystal Urn Finial   Venus Urn Finial    Venus Ball Finial   
SKU: VN-150F-80   SKU: VN-150F-81   SKU: VN-150F-82  







Venus Crystal
Square Finial 
  Venus Urn Finial       
SKU: VN-150F-83   SKU: VN-150F-84      







Venus French Finial   Venus Tulip Finial      
SKU: VN-150F-88   SKU: VN-150F-89      







Venus Easy Glide Ring with
Plastic Insert and Eyelet
  Venus Rings with
Plastic Insert and Eyelet (Bulk)
  NEW Venus Large Ring
with Welded Eyelets
SKU: VN-150RP (8 pc)   SKU: VN-150RPB (10 pc)   SKU: VN-150R9  


Use with VN-150B4




No Photo 




In White,
Black or Brown


Venus Overflow Rings   Venus Flat Ring    Mechanical /
Traversing Glides 
SKU: VN-150RP7   SKU: VN-150RL2   SKU: WI-18G-14-xx (14 pc)
SKU: 52002-xx (100 pc)



Mounts inside regular or traverse pole





38" Long 

Venus Inner Elbow    Mechanical End Lock    Venus Fling Rod   
SKU: VN-150E   SKU: WI-16ES-02   SKU: WI-18T96-xx  




3/8" Fiberglass Baton
with HD Snap
  1/2" Smooth Acrylic
Baton with HD Snap
SKU: 5411x-25   SKU: 5451x-00      

Batons / Fling Rods Information 



Venus Sample Swatches   1/4" Easy Glide Tape    1/2" Easy Glide Tape   
SKU:VN-15SW-SET    SKU: EGT-025   SKU: EGT-050  


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