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Available in select colours








Venus Crystal Urn Finial   Venus Urn Finial    Venus Ball Finial 
SKU: VN-150F-80   SKU: VN-150F-81   SKU: VN-150F-82











Venus Crystal
Square Finial 
  Venus End Cap Finial    Venus *NEW* Modern End Cap Finial
SKU: VN-150F-83   SKU: VN-150F-84   SKU: VN-150F-90






Venus French Finial   Venus Tulip Finial    
SKU: VN-150F-88   SKU: VN-150F-89  






Venus Retail Easy Glide Ring with
Plastic Insert and Eyelet
  Venus Easy Glide Rings with
Plastic Insert and Eyelet (Bulk)
  NEW Venus Large Ring
with Welded Eyelets
SKU: VN-150RP (8 pc)   SKU: VN-150RPB (10 pc)   SKU: VN-150R9


Use with VN-150B4









In White,
Black or Brown


Venus Overflow Rings   Venus Flat Ring    Mechanical /
Traversing Glides 
SKU: VN-150RP7   SKU: VN-150RL2   SKU: WI-18G-14-xx (14 pc)
SKU: 52002-xx (100 pc)


Mounts inside regular or traverse pole
Carriers can NOT traverse through






38" only

Available in BL, MG, ORB, PW

Venus Inner Elbow    Mechanical End Lock    Venus Metal Fling Rod 
SKU: VN-150E   SKU: WI-16ES-02   SKU: WI-18T96-xx
36" / 48" / 60" / 72"



36" / 48" / 60" / 72"


48" / 60" / 72"

 Available in White & Ivory

3/8" Fiberglass Baton
with HD Snap
  1/2" Smooth Acrylic
Baton with HD Snap
  Solid Metal Baton
SKU: 5411x-25   SKU: 5451x-00   SKU: WI-18Txx-xx

Batons / Fling Rods Information 


Venus Sample Swatches       1/4" OR 1/2" Easy Glide Tape 
SKU:VN-15SW-SET        SKU: EGT-025 / EGT-050


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