White curtains installed on a regular Sahara Pole with Sahara Crystal Architecture Finials and Grommets. All in Pewter
Sahara Collection; Pewter: Grommets, Crystal Architecture Finials


Sahara Mechanical Collection, Pewter: Crystal Square Finial, Pinch Pleat


Sahara Collection: Acrylic Pole with Pewter Bypass Brackets & Rings


Sahara Collection, Burnt Gold: Oasis Finials and Large Rings


Sahara Collection in Chrome: Crystal Mass Finial on Acrylic Pole with Rings & Fully Enclosed Brackets


Sahara Collection: Crest Finial on Regular Rod with Easy Glide Rings


Sahara Collection, Black Nickel: Crystal Urn Finial on Sahara Regular Rod with Heavy Duty Brackets.


Sahara Collection: Window Finial on Regular Rod with Flat Rings & Cylinder Brackets


Sahara Collection: Crest Finial on Regular Rod, with Easy Glide Rings and Regular Brackets


Sahara Collection: Window Finials on Side Panels with Rings


Installed by Pioneer Handcraft Ltd. 
Custom Bent KS Track, Wall Mount Pinch Pleat