Venus Rods & Brackets

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Venus  Rod   Venus Traverse Rod       
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Venus Splice   Venus Traversing Splice   Venus Mechanical
Hinged Splice
SKU: VN-150SP-01   SKU: VN-16SP   SKU: VN-150HSP  


4 1/4" - 5 1/4" Projection


4 7/8" & 7 3/4"

Used Venus rod in front & 
Sahara rod for rear bracket 




5 1/8" & 7 3/4"
Venus Bracket    Venus Double Bracket   Venus Double Bracket   
SKU: VN-150B   SKU: VN-150DB   SKU: VN-150DB2  



4" Projection 


*2 Set screws from back to hold 2 spliced poles  



*2 Set screws from back to hold 2 spliced poles  

Venus Enclosed Wall Bracket   *NEW* Venus
Enclosed Bracket
  *NEW* Venus Traversing
Enclosed Bracket
SKU: VN-150BC   SKU: VN-150BC2   SKU: VN-16BC2  


1 1/8" Projection




1 1/4" Projection




How to install 

Venus Inside Mount    Venus Socket Set     Venus French Return   
SKU: VN-150IS   SKU: VN-150IB   SKU: VN-150FR  








3 1/8" Drop
Venus Traversing 
Ceiling Bracket 
  Venus Traversing Bracket   Venus Ceiling Bracket  
SKU: VN-16C1   SKU: VN-16B1    SKU: VN-150C1  


Use with VN-150RP7 Rings


Venus Overflow Bracket           
SKU: VN-150B4          


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